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💫Please refrain from saying things or acting selfishly that might make the streamer or listeners feel bad. (The same applies to comments on SNS) 

 (Example) Actions such as repeating the same comment over and over again until someone reads it.  

 💫Themes and impressions during the broadcast (including video comments), stories and comments unrelated to the content or topic 

 (Example) Acts such as making unrelated reports abruptly 


💫 Hurtful remarks and abusive language I will not tolerate anyone who hurts my precious listeners, even towards the streamer himself.

(If you see it, it will be immediately blocked and reported) 

 💫Relentless reminders such as requests

I will choose songs that I think I can sing and songs that I like, and it will take some time to learn the songs from there, so I would appreciate it if you could be patient.

Please note that we cannot promise to sing everything.  

 💫Please do not post R18 illustrations or content in fan art.


 💫Use of illustrations, videos, etc. for commercial purposes without permission


 💫Unauthorized reproduction of illustrations and logos (Please refrain from using icons, headers, etc. without permission)

 💫Impersonation or pretending to be a related person 

 💫The act of bringing up the names of Vtubers and activists who have not been mentioned during the broadcast.

Also, the act of mentioning my name on other Vtubers even though I haven't mentioned it.  

 💫Reproduction of videos, distribution archives, etc. 

 💫Please refrain from collaboration requests and non-work DMs (personal impressions, abusive language), etc.  

 If you cannot follow the above precautions, please refrain from participating, and we will take appropriate action (worst case is blocking you).

 We would like to create an environment where those who come can enjoy themselves, so we appreciate your cooperation 🙇‍♀️


 💫When posting fan art on Twitter, I would be happy if you could include the fan art tag (#さよを探せ) and my Twitter ID so I don't miss it!

I would like to introduce you! We will use it as a thumbnail, Twitter, etc. image!

 └Derivative creations welcome! (Excluding R18)

 └ We may use the illustrations you receive for YouTube thumbnails, Twitter posts, etc.  

 └We also welcome gifts from illustration requests such as Coconara, sukima, skeb, etc.


 💫Create and post clippings 

 └You are welcome to post on Twitter, Youtube, etc.! In that case, please use "#さよを探せ" and include the URL of the source and my name!  

💫Regarding requests to creators


Template (please use this when making a request)


We would appreciate it if you could respond within the scope of the following.


Delivery format: psd, png

Size: 2000px or more


Purpose of use: Publication on YouTube thumbnails and various SNS

Other requests:

■We would appreciate it if you could provide data in which the person and background are separated into layers.

■I would appreciate it if the composition of the person illustration does not show off the head or upper body.

→ This is because there is a possibility that it may be used as a thumbnail.


■When posting results reports on Twitter, we would appreciate it if you could add the fan art tag "#さよを探せ".

​How to enjoy

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